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“On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time.”

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The Classic Collegiate Existential Crisis

Have you ever had that moment where you’re already physically awake..but its as if you mentally wake up?

One minute you’re thinking about any number of things and then look up to a clear mind to realize how much you’ve changed?

..how everything around you has changed? 

..how tiny our problems are in the scheme of things?

..suddenly I’m precipitously stuck between my future as everything and my future being completely insignificant.

..realizing my life is just a blink of time on a small speck of dust in the universe.

In those terrifyingly lucid moments, I am no more than a lost child, begging the world to stop spinning so fast.

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I remember all the Doctor Who fanfics I used to read where Rose often got badly stereotyped as a damsel in distress whom the Doctor had to swoop in and save and smooch but the way I remember Doctor Who 90% of their relationship was the Doctor just setting Rose loose on people who had done something to offend them and sitting back giggling in the corner as she shouted




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I don’t know if anyone remembers this picture from right after Tangled Ever After came out of Rapunzel and Flynn’s beauuuuuuuutiful rings:


Welllllllll, I got married about six weeks ago and here are our rings!


Yes, that’s right, we found a jeweler willing to make the Tangled rings for us.

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Travel light. She extended her arms to embrace her house, maybe the whole world.
The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Junot Diaz